25 Mar 2015

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  1. maurque dit :

    Vector Tech Icons contains over 500 icons which are available in formats such as ICO, GIF, PNG and SVG.

    So My Question is what is difference between Vector Icons and Vector Hardware Icons? Are both same or We can Use one over another?


    These icons have vector representations for all necessary sizes used in Windows 8.1 app design.
    The vector icon types listed below will work on Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and Windows Store Apps.

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  2. comben dit :

    Realtime Landscaping Pro (RTLP) is a comprehensive piece of software developed to provide you with a simple yet efficient way of creating your own landscaping designs, requiring a minimum level of effort and enabling you to see what your ideas would look like, before actually building them.
    The application is fairly simple to work with, the start window allowing you to create a new project, open an unfinished one or work with a sample file to try and get the hang of using RTLP

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  3. ailejak dit :

    ■ Visiting other people’s private sessions only
    ■ limited access if purchased as a registered version
    ■ only the first hour’s session free
    ■ No free incoming mailboxes
    ■ No free calls
    ■ Not suitable for Dummies or Tiny Privates who want nothing more than a list of all the runes
    ■ Low RAM specification limits its use on dialup connections, but people on broadband have no such problems.

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  4. idrichen dit :

    The app has a great interface, is easy to use, features extensive chart functions and even allows you to access and work with databases.

    EaseUS Disk Administrator is a powerful utility tool that provides you with a number of options to promote a speedy and efficient image backup of your Windows PC. It has a nice user interface and a truly effective toolbox that allows you to easily backup, repair, optimize your Windows PC and do lots more. With Disk Administrator, you can:

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  5. dwigmak dit :

    You may want to download MPA Decoder after you’ve installed the following files:

    Watch VOB files with Magic Eye VOD

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a powerful media player with tons of features. It also has some drawbacks, however, which makes it a less of a favorite among users. Along with its lack of support for newer formats, home users are even less prone to its installation. It’s often a pain to get other codecs to

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  6. praihek dit :

    For novice and old users it offer an expand configuration possibilities, that is not available on macOS and Apple’s default system.

    Donation Will Be Accepted for this cool tool!


    The files in this section are in the public domain.
    This means that they can be freely distributed, modified or used. The formats of the files are not restricted in any way.
    Anybody may use them. Just don’t charge people for them.

    Here is

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  7. karlosh dit :

    EasyDesk Helpdesk is ideal for small to medium sized support departments that need call logging and also call centre routing without the complexity of dedicated call centre software.

    EasyBackup PRO backups unlimited archives to unlimited locations online. Think of yourself as a TWAIN document scanner that automatically backs up copies of your files to a backup server in the cloud.
    EasyBackup can save as many copies as you want, wherever you want. Only the last backup and restore to newer or same

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  8. faifadi dit :

    You can move or copy any entry, or make sure
    all entries are together.
    The program has many options which can be tailored to your own needs.
    If you have a Mac you might also appreciate how it can access your Kies or i-Pad to import or export your list.
    The program also has many extra features like note taking, predictive text, symbol lookup.
    – ATTENTION! The new version of the program (3.0) comes with an option to setup

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  9. jimmqued dit :

    In addition to that, it does not interfere with your taskbar, it does not start up after logoff or hibernate.
    In addition to the fact that you can easily hide the app from the view of other users and set the context menu shortcuts, one should be aware of its costs. Despite being a free application, you are still required to purchase at least the pro version to use some additional features. However, you can already try it out for free, which you can find here

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  10. newtdela dit :

    French Spelling Quiz – Accents does not force you to memorize the French vocabulary. Just learn what’s new,
    and you’ll improve at an amazing rate!
    Try this demo quiz and later upgrade to the Advanced version for $29.95.
    Don’t forget to visit our ‘Information Center’ and ‘Merchandise’ web site!

    Magic du Petit Mabre




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  11. jayjemy dit :


    Schema is a data programming tool for Visual Studio. It simply creates a schema for a single data type and provide you the required queries for that type.

    **Schema Main Window**
    | Name |

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  12. uranberk dit :

    ■ Get a calendar view for you photo collection. Simply mark your birthdays to the calendar and you will never forget a birthday again.
    ■ Create folders such as “New Year”, “Carnival”, “Christmas”, “Easter”, “Birthdays”, etc. to organise your photos by date.
    ■ Easy ‘tagging’ of photos with text, eg ‘Holidays’, ‘Sports’, ‘Family’, ‘Kids’ etc. Create as many as you like.
    ■ Set the scheduling for your digital camera, have it update your photo collections automatically.

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  13. meljae dit :

    Ideas and insights for the new foundation coach. An archive of posts written from February 2009 to the present day.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2009

    Turning times, much turnover

    Before I begin this month’s column, I just want to remind everyone that I may have been neglecting the AAFCD For Several Months Now … On my blog are thirteen posts since September 2008, many written since December 2008. All that makes for a month’s worth

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  14. malmar dit :

    Solo Surf is designed to be used from its main window, it can provide a popup window for having secure login info, and it has a special standalone window for viewing logfiles. Solo Surf is fully scriptable allowing administrators to add features or fix issues without using the maintenance command.
    Solo Surf offers an API allowing administrators to develop their own tools and applications to customize its interface.

    Command Line Tool – Icon(icontool)

    Icon(icontool) is

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  15. peadjane dit :


    Is it ok to use afirmative and negative connotation in an affirmative sentence?

    Is it ok to use afirmative and negative connotation in an affirmative sentence?
    For example;

    I will come back.

    Is it OKAY to use this kind of sentence?
    Your answer will be appreciated.


    “I will come back” is not the same as “I won’t come back”. I

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  16. hamefrid dit :

    Even if you’re not into the phone app business, the Danger Hiptop probably is in your top fashion lists. When you take a closer look at the mobile OS it’s more than just a smartphone, but a total digital lifestyle package. In that regard, for some of us the concept of “DIY” just doesn’t cut it.
    Just install on your Danger (or any other Android device) and you have a platform where you

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  17. studbai dit :

    The application utilizes a clean and clean interface to offer a feature-rich diary, a stylish agenda, and an exclusive thumbnail photo manager, minus any unnecessary distractions.

    Chrysanth Journal is a reliable yet easy to use journaling program with lots of distinctive features.
    Chrysanth Journal is a perfect calendar organizer, diary application and a great tool to organize life and stay organized.
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  18. cylbjase dit :

    Payment options:
    ■ Credit card transactions can be processed using Borderpay or Paypal (BOUNSAKER PROPAY is not currently supported).
    ■ PayPal and Borderpay are accepted for online ordering. PayPal can be set up in the program to handle both credit card and PayPal transactions.
    ■ NO transfer fee by Stripe
    ■ NO INTEREST on payments by Stripe. No obligation for any refund.

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  19. gardel dit :


    Product details
    Das Keyboard Q

    Device compatibility
    Compatible with the Q keyboards

    Supported firmware updates
    Updates to the firmware and applets are released as and when they are validated.


    Das Keyboard Q utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy and token 1.0 technology
    Das Keyboard Q utilizes USB Open source

    Category:Universal Windows Platform apps
    Category:Software keyboard engines
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  20. onolamm dit :

    · MaxWidth, MaxHeight, Width and Height are the maximum sizes of the element.
    · Visible controls will not appear
    · A simple label that can also be updated with HTML codes.
    · Text. Gets/Sets the HTML source.
    · The coordinates should be a rectangle that contains the text you wish to appear in the label. If the label is empty, the coordinates will be the entire width of the control.
    · WhiteSpace should
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  21. ardwyno dit :

    Please be informed that we do not guarantee any password recovery, all the recovery is on our terms.

    Microsoft Office Password Unlocker has been checked for updates 70,201 times by the users of our security scanner.
    Only best and completely clean downloads from the Internet are available on
    Microsoft Office Password Unlocker is a all-in-one password recovery tool which enables you to recover safely and efficiently passwords from your Office documents.
    This application provides three recovery
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  22. gindart dit :

    Starting out in a simple form as a clipboard tool which took advantage of your computer’s power, the project grew more ambitious from there on. Among the various ways this application stands out are the rotation option, compass, global time, sun setup, and more.
    There’s no option to control the planet’s equator, but by using the slider, it can be changed depending on what you’re looking for. You can add handles or hotspots to
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  23. alitverb dit :

    Website Armor is a ton of fun. I have tried many other website blockers, but never came across anything like this. Spiffing on the magical “swipe your finger from left to right to block the site” feature of apps like IceBreakz, website armor renders that a breeze by allowing the left and right swipe to do actual things, like zoom and scroll. Ooooh, these sites will exist now.
    Programming: 4.0
    Interface: 4.0
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  24. temohit dit :

    Here’s the gallery of Hide Files on GitHub for Chrome

    Immediately after you hit Pause in iTunes or Spotify, the alternate Reality System plays, apparently picking the alternate Reality to connect to based on when you last connected. But if you want to change the song, you have to go into the settings and choose a different track. What we don’t know is why, when you hit Pause, it keeps the last track you chose.

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  25. legquy dit :

    per run of the program, if it’s loaded into memory the number of converted records can amount tens of thousands.
    Using MySQL/MS SQL dumps you can update your database content in any source or destination database. Well perform this useful feature is the only other advantage.
    Ask the Author and find a perfect solution for your problems, technical questions or general discussion related to the subject of this page here:
    It is possible the forum is
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  26. derrpro dit :

    Installing this NuGet package via the Package Manager Console gives you access to other available NuGet packages that work with the FluentValidation assembly.

    NOTE: Visual Studio 2013 does not include Package Manager Console. You will need to install the Nuget Package manager in VS 2013. This walkthrough uses the attached file. You can find it in this folder.

    Right click on the ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.MSBuildTools’ package and select Unload
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  27. freyor dit :

    SmartRadio was a fun app we reviewed back in the fall, bringing a new app-streaming radio service to Windows phones. Some time later we took a look at Simple Radio, and today we examine the new Simplicity radio app.

    Ignoring previous versions, Simplicity Radio brings an exciting feature: right from Windows Phone 8.1, you can access the Spotify app to enjoy radio stations from the platform, and this is listed as the recommended app.

    The interface
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  28. hasdes dit :

    Since these styles are audio category filters, some may be inappropriate for some other sound type, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, you may need to adjust the bass and treble.
    DSK ElectriK GuitarZ is a powerful instrument you will never outgrow. With this product, play songs, generate your own music, and add layers of professional control.

    This is merely a preview of what the final game will look like once the fine-tuning is completed. Full details about my plans for the series can be found at the series documentation page.
    But what happens when it’s fully constructed? What about the
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  29. noburash dit :


    Because this matter is entwined with the petition for review,
    this Court has taken additional time in resolving the issue.
    Petitioner is entitled to have this Court determine the merit of
    her claim that the trial court lacked jurisdiction
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  30. padrhav dit :

    : How To Rip CDs
    Saving music tracks from audio CDs is a task quite easy to perform these days since there is an abundance of utilities dedicated to this purpose. One of the most well-known programs of this kind is CDex. Intuitive looks The software application is especially designed for ripping sound tracks from any disc and it also packs a set of features for editing the output files. A user-friendly interface greets you as soon as the installation is complete. Built-in media player and
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  31. safgae dit :

    Lets Gak Up – Advanced Ultimate Unlocks the Secrets of Time and Space in Seconds Edition

    Lets Gak Up- Advanced Ultimate Unlocks the Secrets of Time and Space in Seconds Edition is the last released version of Lets Gak Up- Advanced Ultimate.
    The last released version 2.6.3 was released 2 weeks ago.
    File extensions.LGFU


    Nov 30, 2010

    Documentation rewrite.

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  32. elmlau dit :

    Just be prepared for the fact that it might be a bit rough around the edges for now.
    Official Website:
    Download Website:

    This video
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  33. raygold dit :

    Icons are delivered in absolute royalty-free, free for personal and commercial uses, and with no restrictions on resizing, redistribution or modification.
    If you are looking for the usual collection of icons, check out our
    Food Icons
    Instead, take a look at this catalog of Food Icon Library to get up to date with the latest trends.The present invention relates to an improvement of a connector designed in such a way that a fitting engagement of male and female connectors can easily be
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  34. vantpal dit :

    A free 30-day trial version of the program is available – feel free to test the application and contact our support team to request your key for a free evaluation copy.

    IP Address Manager is designed specifically for IP address management and network administrators. It provides an easy-to-use solution for monitoring, organizing, troubleshooting, and reporting IP addresses on your enterprise network. IP Address Manager consolidates all IP addresses and manages them efficiently. The program includes a user-friendly and intuitive interface
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  35. rayajank dit :

    Overall, ProcNetMonitor is equipped with a simple interface, recognizable controls, multiple options for process search, filtering and monitoring, and a handy context menu.


    Simple to navigate
    Clean User Interface
    Includes a Portable Version


    Expensive and easy to pirate
    Seems like a tool for experts only
    Doesn’t show all active processes


    Gary Stewart

    Improvements needed


    This review
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  36. quaulu dit :

    The present invention relates to a ball retriever which is a gunlike device enabling a user to retrieve an object which has been thrown.
    The present invention is concerned with a ball retriever which can be readily stored in the gun handle of a gun since it can be conveniently carried thereon and will not interfere with the use of the gun.
    When retrieving a ball it is often not desirable for the user to have to rest his hands and arms when he holds the gun, alternatively it is
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  37. fyachal dit :

    “SmartMetronome 3 is the most advanced metronome application on the market. It will allow you to practice notes in all twelve different ranges, whether written or by ear. It has comprehensive instructions in order to help users with new muscle memory and a built in metronome.”
    That said, it is evident that the app is also quite complex and, if not used with caution, it could give you a false sense of security and block you from discovering your weaknesses
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  38. bailwesc dit :

    TransTools+ is a piece of advice for business owners, business managers and logistic students with any complex document-related needs. It might be just the thing you need for your college courses!

    CapSpan Reports is a web-based SAS solution used for monitoring and analyzing Dynamic Storage Management hard disk space usage. CapSpan Reports comes with a Dashboard view where users can monitor dynamic storage data down to the device level with drill down capability for easy analysis.
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  39. elllav dit :

    Simple Text to Speech for Windows is a fully functional, but -to some- modest text to speech tool. However, for what it lacks in complexity, this tool more than makes up for in convenience.

    Developer: Davison Technologies
    Distributor: Davison Technologies

    English RT Speech System
    English Poetry for Windows
    Simple Text to Speech for Windows
    Simple Text to Speech for Windows 2.1
    Simple Text to Speech for Windows 3.2.1
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  40. faither dit :

    The newly updated version of Alarm Commander, iMinde’s DIY home automation and security software suite offers a total of six applications in one package. Security is still the main concept, as Alarm Commander is mainly designed for home owners without any technical knowledge. In other words, the user gets a fully featured and easy to use tool, that only requires you to choose a few options and you can be ready to host DIY home security at home.

    The most interesting features of Al
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  41. jaihenr dit :

    Lipid peroxidation is increased in skeletal muscle of elderly, diabetic, and atrophy and myopathy patients.
    Skeletal muscle biopsies from two groups of patients, one with isolated diabetic myopathy (n=4), and one with atrophying myopathy (n=4) and from one group of patients, isolated atrophy (n=3), were investigated for lipid peroxidation. In all patients, moderate insulino resistance was documented. However
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  42. hassbeth dit :

    Program Function: A video tool that enables you to convert between videos of different formats, so you can watch and record them, even though on different devices. It is also very easy to use because the user interface is very intuitive. To begin, click on “Add files”.Browse the list of available video and audio formats, then choose a file from it and click on “Open”. The program will open a preview with the selected file. If you want to convert the file, go
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