17 Sep 2014

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  1. Lamamra dit :


    Je souhaite obtenir un contact avec Mr lamamra ramtan , je suis le fils de mr lamamra hocine d’amizour
    Je ne l’ai jamais rencontré et serai un honneur de pouvoir obtenir une entrevue téléphonique avec mon parent.

    Merci de transmettre ma requête d’un fils lamamra mohamed.

    Bien cordialement.

  2. Lamamra mohamed dit :

    Je suis joignable au 0622409182 lamamra mohamed.
    De Normandie
    J’ai tellement entendue parler de lui dans mon enfance.


  3. alert(1) dit :


  4. ' dit :

    ‘<img src='1' onerror='alert(0)' <

  5. Wolny Student dit :

    […] had a comment on my post Never Pray For
    Patience, and I wanted to share her comment and my response: I watched Evan Almighty,
    and will not […]

  6. ashold dit :

    With the standard VICS Bill Of Lading you can produce standard documents which are also acceptable at the customs inspection agency.
    Customers also need to register the documents in online by ticking the correct boxes.
    Vintage can also prepare the documents free of charge.

    In the download section you can also view a demo version of the module or download the source code to format and print your own bills of lading.

    What will be formatted into the VICS BOL?

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  7. rozflap dit :

    msgstr “”

    #. module: sale_timesheet
    #: selection:sale.order,state:0
    #: selection:sale.order.line,state:0
    msgid “Completed”
    msgstr “Concluído”

    #. module: sale_timesheet
    #: model:ir.model,name:sale_timesheet.model_res_company
    msgid “Companies”

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  8. lancencl dit :

    Extract your data from different files.
    You have a source file, which includes your data in a certain format. Each row is composed of one entity field and one date field, and its contents need to be processed.
    Transform it and load the data to the database.
    Each row of your source file has a specific format. Benetl allows you to expand them one or more times and to add additional fields. From the expanded list, you select one column, define the format and how each line should be transformed, and finally, add the output as a table in your database.
    Yet Another Database Explorer

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  9. yanjar dit :

    Tuesday, 9 January 2015

    KitBox is a free PC troubleshooter that can solve most common problems affecting computer functions and users. The free software is effectively designed to make assistance for computer users and for IT support center staff easier and faster, so it can take a lot of burden off their shoulders.

    The program was developed by Tarek’s IT company in Tel Aviv, Israel and it can be run from either Windows 7 or Windows XP.

    It is compatible

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  10. talscho dit :

    VST Plugin details:

    Exclusive plugin Information:

    Category : Audio Analysis

    Entry Category : Production/Music

    Format: Full Suite

    Country: Mainland China


    Free Version: $16.00 CAD

    Bandwidth: 20kHz

    Number of Channels: 4-24

    Sample Rate: 44.1kHz/48kHz

    Bit Depth: 32/24/16

    Plug-in Package:

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  11. harakar dit :

    If you’re on Windows 10, head into the Store and get this game changer now. You won’t regret it.

    Fluent Screen Recorder, developed by Agent 7, can screen record Windows 10 PC. You do not need to register it. As long as you have activated Win10, this screen recorder will work fine.
    Download the Fluent Screen Recorder app from the Windows Store for free. Screen recorder can record the screen in game, full screen video mode or

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  12. vlavee dit :

    In most cases, Sony Xperia XZ Premium steals the show thanks to its beautiful and impressive hardware specs. However, its predecessor, the Xperia XZ, might not necessarily be a low-cost substitute since it fails to deliver better performance. Also, the Xperia XZ Compact is a model that offers even more affordable specs, but it is technically not the same as the Compact model.

    A few months back, details of Motorola Moto G (6th Gen) were leaked on Le

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  13. fiafaby dit :

    It was quite a surprise when I started using DNG Profile Editor and I was amazed by the quality of editing I could apply to an image. The tone curve could be applied to the entire image and also to every channel (like the hue and saturation sliders), the gradient along with the preview of the result are great considering the fact that it’s a free application.

    I like the remote control feature that allows me to set the white balance by aiming the program at the light I am trying to adjust. A great way to apply total power to our process!

    I really enjoyed the level of accessibility to

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  14. slabad dit :

    State of the art:
    TortoiseSVN is used as the svn backend and built from the ground up with the Windows profile in mind.
    Interface will use Windows’ Shell control mechanism
    Treat char/string like a regular file and ask Windows to do some redirection. To view the whole tree, use TortoiseSVN or WinMerge while sitting on the folder you want to display details on its left side.
    Search all items with MacOS Key

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  15. tiarea dit :

    ■ Glow effect for circles.
    ■ BG Color:
    ■ SquareMan.html
    ■ CircleMan_Main.html
    ■ CircleMan_Stuff.html
    [ The chip is in CircleMan_Stuff.html ]
    CircleMan is my first game and I hope you enjoy it. I hope you enjoy the game. Please rate this game.

    CircleMan is a floating blinking bouncing circle with a chip on his shoulder.
    He normally just bounces aroung your desktop, but if he gets near Square

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  16. evetal dit :

    SQL Server Source Control for Developers is a useful tool that enables individual developers to back up their database work in a similar fashion to an application’s source code.
    It is designed to be as easy to use as possible and offers a limited set of features, so first-time users should be able to get it up and running in no time. The application’s user interface is not particularly impressive, however, as it is rather outdated, and the program window cannot be res

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  17. talcia dit :

    Both versions can be downloaded at the developer’s site for free.Lithiation plus addition to three different complexes of [RuH(eta(5)-C(5)H(5))L](2+).
    The reaction of the complexes [RuL(2)X(2)](2+) (L = pyridine (py), 2,2′-bipyridyl (bpy), or 2,2′:6′,2″-terpyrid

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  18. garkell dit :

    Compared with similar software applications (such as Matlab and Octave), Math Studio provides rather poor documentation, because of which it requires a lot of experimentation.

    It, too, suffers from not having any video tutorials, making it a pain to grasp the fundamentals, even if they are incredibly useful.Q:

    Could not load assembly ‘ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, Version=

    I installed ICSharpCode.SharpZip

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  19. gessint dit :

    StringEx Review


    User Rating


    If StringEx could be described as invisible, would that be an understatement? If you’re looking for a simple text editor without a user interface, you might as well stay away from this program. The user interface, containing a single button, is basic. Nothing special. StringEx works, and it works well. The full review is available below.


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  20. tamnoe dit :

    It lacks a lot of features though: multiple projects; logging of every change made; animation and so on. We think that it will be valuable, especially when used in education, as long as you save frequently and experiment as much as possible.
    The price is also disappointing, as a free-to-use software doesn’t charge a fortune.

    This mock is a lot more complex than the previous one we’ve seen, but the result is a lot more interesting.

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  21. takefulb dit :


    There is a similar application available on Linux and it’s called ‘Unicode FSO psql’. It uses object to parse the PostgreSQL textfile.
    It runs very quick and easy, not neccessarily fast or just that way, quick is a feature in every application:) Txt2Fso.

    I really recommend txt2

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  22. rozeedw dit :

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  23. ambrhek dit :

    Q: How long is the list of.BMP,.EMF,.JPG, and.WMF file formats good for?
    A: This list is only good for the current version of the Print and PDF Pictures application. It is expected to be out of date by the time the next version of the application is released.

    Q: Why are the picture graphics resized when they are dropped into the application?
    A: At the moment, the pictures are 05e1106874 ambrhek

  24. beryule dit :

    Usage:, click on the “Quick Access” help menu and select “Add-Ons…”
    Write “EnableSciSearch” in the “Quick Access” search box
    Select “ Math 2.3 Add-on”
    Open it
    In the Add-Ons window (OAS) select “SciSearch”
    Press the “Apply” button
    You will probably have the “Start Program” window open
    Navigate 8cee70152a beryule

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  26. maxoll dit :

    If you’ve already spent some time on YouTube and heard some inspiring synth videos, it’s clear to see that video VSTs are becoming more and more popular. This couldn’t be more true than with the drum synthesis plugins. Even though drum-percussion video tutorials are also available, a modern professional darkroom sound can only be properly created with a well-recorded sample.
    The next part of the tutorial teaches you how to perform acoustic recording with a
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  27. kamala dit :

    , the trial version of 1TabView expires after 30 days, if you are not using it than it will not be available for download.
    ■ The application is not suitable for all users due to the fact that it opens all pages one by one without giving any predefined option. The application would be more helpful if it opens all user/sites favourite links in one window.
    ■ May not work correctly on Netscape (not all sites play correctly)
    About 8.
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  28. benpad dit :

    When unlocking the installed Novacom drivers on your computer, you can directly run the webOISDoctor.
    This is a Malware Removal Tool that blocks all sorts of malicious software. It scans and removes the webOISDoctor because of an infected computer. It recommends fixes and an archive file to save an online security update.
    You can choose to download the offline executable fix file to install the update or install the online security update directly.
    You can choose to download the zip
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  29. freimigu dit :

    The trading simulator also includes a vital feature that does not really translate well for the average user, with subtle interaction that is difficult to use.
    Total network transparency is a central part of the application, with daily, monthly and trade detailed information provided in a variety of visual formats. A versatile and informative program with a decent set of interface features and user-friendly live updates. The customization ability is somewhat limited, restricting users to scheduling and regular task options.
    A minimal application that is straightforward and simple
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  30. germdaei dit :

    Thanks to the simple and easy to follow interface, RipPix feels like a highly convenient tool for every photo lover.
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  31. sanensk dit :

    President Donald Trump is issuing a somewhat admiring tweet in response to the long-awaited conclusion of its highly-anticipated trial for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. On Wednesday, jurors found former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort guilty on eight counts, including five counts of tax evasion and one count of failing to file reports as a foreign lobbyist for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.

    The tweet was not about that part of the story. Instead, it focuses on Manafort’s failure to
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  32. lenamad dit :

    Cali (Calgary, AB)

    Oct 07, 2017

    Facebook Avatar Maker is a software tool, built with Adobe AIR, whose purpose is to help people create Facebook avatars and save them to the HDD for later upload, with a minimum amount of effort.
    Swift setup and clean interface
    The installation process you are required to go through is a piece of cake, as it does not come with any unpleasant surprises and it is over in a j
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  33. dustcas dit :

    The tool is quite easy to use and does not require any long training to get started.Jillian D’haeseleer

    Jillian Myfanwy “Jill” D’haeseleer, CBE (born 19 September 1944 in Redcar, County Durham) is a former British rower who was born and brought up in Northern Ireland. She competed in the W4 for Great Britain at the 1972 and 1976 Summer Olympics and won a bronze medal in 1972
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  34. albuhil dit :

    It lets the learner choose from the…

    Spanish WordsWithSuccess – Word Learning Wizard 1.04 – Spanish Word Learning Wizard is a portable application that allows you to learn Spanish words through its innovative game-like environment. In just a few minutes, you can find and learn to pronounce any Spanish word you want. With Spanish WordsWithSuccess,…

    Poptrop – Key to Useful Spanish Phrases – Free – Spanish Key to Useful Phrases is a Spanish vocabulary trainer that
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  35. takeale dit :

    Apart from that, you can navigate through the PDF file pages using a page thumbnails and even convert between scanned and handwritten pages. With all of the above features, CogniView Split PDF is a must-have tool for anyone looking to break up big documents into individual sections, or convert between scanned documents and handwritten ones.

    Advanced PDF (Aizer PDF) is a reliable PDF split software that can easily handle and split your PDFs. This PDF split tool offers you rich settings
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  36. rashfru dit :

    MARQUETTE, Minn. — Kevin Keszler’s longtime friend, Kevin “Chuck” Walseth, is receiving a kidney transplant thanks to the efforts of Keszler, 26, as he leads local blood donations around Holy Family parish near St. Paul.

    Anyone can participate in the Wisconsin Blood Center’s annual “Walk for a Kidney.” The event will take place on Sunday, April 21, at a reduced cost
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  37. taleelvi dit :

    Pocket-sized, ready to go

    This small software utility boasts some awesome features that will surely make it an asset to your arsenal. After you install it, you may use the program to create a customized wallpaper slideshow that illustrates your favorite holidays. It can be deployed on Windows XP-based systems only.Q:

    Very strange output of this code

    I have written this simple code

    using namespace std;

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  38. findar dit :

    Developed by the creator of QNAP NAS devices, QNAP Qsync is a simple, easy-to-use and effective application for transferring and managing your files across any kind of devices.
    QNAP NAS devices
    QNAP NAS operating systems: QTS, QT5
    Supported file systems: NTFS, FAT, FAT32, HFS, HFS+
    Supported mobile apps: Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symb
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  39. barclo dit :

    All the data is transfered using RTP/RTCP protocols.

    Below is some technical details on DICOM Image Access software.

    DICOM Access Server

    The server software is written in Java. It includes a simple command line interface for easy setup and configuration of the server, and GUI option for setting up connection to DICOM hubs. Advanced configuration options, such as connection statistics and access control rules, can be used via a simple file editor.
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  40. jamenel dit :

    libssh has also a good authentication and authorization module with secure password and public private key authentication mechanisms.


    See also
    Comparison of SSH server implementations


    External links
    libssh library description
    Official website
    Project website
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  41. geofohan dit :

    Examples of this could include:
    – trimming some of a file for a really long username
    – trimming off a line with excessive comments
    – trimming off out of character msgctime values
    – trimming off of a file if its name is > 2 characters or the file itself is > 9.6 mb
    The example mentioned for skipping lines could also apply to this. An example of this could be if you want to keep the name of a certain file before the extension
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  42. taland dit :

    Control the network resources of Android apps or games using a free app-aware router…

    A free app-aware router allows you to control your Android device resources over the Wi-Fi network. Unlike existing network management tools which get in touch with the device through some communication port, the new App-aware WiFi provides its features through the established Android app.
    This simple but powerful solution consumes very little system resources and will never start hidden processes that hog your battery. With App-aware
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  43. derlawl dit :

    Changelog: 8/4/2014:
    ■ Fixed minor update bug with the mouse while moving the window (hotkey “7”);
    ■ Fixed minor server memory leak;
    ■ Fonts are removed/replaced with other more compact fonts;
    ■ Double click on username in chat-over-LAN (IP address and nickname) to open a chatwindow.

    Can you code? Sure.
    Do you have the chance to
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  44. marledu dit :


    No more importing dependencies manually, just point the installer towards the files.
    Speeds up installation considerably.


    As a bit of downtime, it can take a while for it to install all your installed apps. Unless you have an insane amount of them.
    You’re going to have to be a bit mindful while going through the checklist. One can easily mess it up, though there’s a veritable list you can ignore.

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  45. zygfbamb dit :

    As a matter of fact, it is a simple and handy benchmarking tool at a low cost, offering excellent performance.

    What is new in this version:

    An error in the “Answer” field has been fixed.

    Version 1.4

    January 14, 2019

    The program now detects slower drives and warns when running quick benchmarks. The low download speed in download managers is now fixed.

    Bad memory handle fixed when reading files.

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  46. gabwami dit :

    In landscape, the screen is divided into 5 regions, each containing a set of draggable and resizable controls. The user is able to place these controls anywhere on the screen, by dragging and dropping them. The region can be made larger by using the

    About PTC

    Driven by an ecosystem of products, partners, and people, Power Trim Technologies can help you to deliver smart, intelligent, and easy to integrate electronic devices. PTC’s team
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  47. aleeand dit :

    A bug existed in BinaryVortex 2.20 (which was released after Vista) that caused the program to crash when it was started, if no images or sound files had been downloaded for some time.
    BinaryVortex 2.21 fixes that bug, and makes it less likely that such a crash will occur in future.

    This latest version is a major update, including:
    Removed windows explorer integration, as it requires you to open and close the binary to get the
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    You’ll be able to:
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