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15 Fév 2015

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  1. claufabi dit :

    A sterling tool for those into astronomy and space – or even others who simply enjoy exciting 3D visualizations.

    6 hours ago, Lorton VA, Jacqueline H. Nabors said:
    This is a good app if you want to learn about images of planets and their moons and want to know more about those planets. Having the ability to tour through different filters is a plus. I like the fact that it is on both the iPhone and iPad.

    6 hours ago,

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  2. geegtiti dit :

    Just one click to copy the artwork into iTunes!
    Quickly Find Album Artwork
    Using the iTunes Album Artwork Locator you can easily find all the album artwork of a particular artist! Time saved by searching the iTunes library, finding only the albums you want instead of listening and searching through all your iTunes music? Look no further!
    Copy into iTunes
    Your iTunes Music Library and iTunes Library are two different items. So you have to copy the artwork from one library to the other. Easy

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  3. ysybelm dit :

    Works like a charm on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms
    The interface of this application looks the same whether you are using Windows, macOS or Linux platforms. If you perform any necessary work on your PC, you can locate the file you need within a couple of minutes since the program has all the features you need.
    Moreover, you can perform the task of downloading a file from any of your browsers included in this application’s features. Furthermore, UR Browser also offers built-in download accelerator,

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  4. laytans dit :

    It is reliable and easy to use.

    EasyVideo to DVD is a free DVD burning utility that can burn all types of video files and DVD ISO image to DVD. The conversion speed is about 2x times that of the built-in DVD creator of windows. The program has an auto-detect mode for most video files, and the video profiles can be switched on/off one by one. So you can just set the profile and file types you want to convert, and EasyVideo

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  5. kaygerr dit :

    It is possible to have this comparison for three files, or four or even more.
    You can also choose to have the report being printed or placed in an HTML file.
    You can choose to save the produced file in a PDF format.
    The output can also be specified. For instance, if you choose to have the results placed directly in a PDF document, then you will get one large document with the differences.

    Don’t stress if you are not familiar with

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  6. bertelka dit :

    A neat app that provides quick benefits and can enhance your experience of using the headset.
    Windows Download

    AirPods user KenedyManezan tells us he’s seen that the audio quality on a Windows 10 based PC is not acceptable. From a secondary PC.
    He is going to give this tool a try. Hope he likes it. 🙂
    Windows Download

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  7. fayejann dit :

    Unmount compressed folders

    Folder Unmount is an application that unmounts compressed (ZIP), encrypted folders. UnMount supports Microsoft Windows 2000-XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, and 2008, 2010. UnMount manages to unmount any folder that contains a compression, encryption, or archive file and set properties of the folder.

    Are you tired of having encrypted folders configured? Are you tired of wasting time on settings to unlock an encrypted folder? If you

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  8. zilana dit :

    In no more than 3 key presses you can finally play your music or sound!
    There are no complicated interface restrictions as in other similar programs.
    From a simple kick start!

    If you need sound editing feel free to use it in a free way.
    Thanks to the development of this tool we are planning to expand the program’s file size compared with the number of features.
    Software version 1.0.1 of Audio Tester was released on the 5th of

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  9. delwas dit :

    ■ All products from Activ Software are copyrighted products.Q:

    How can I add test data to a local Maven repository?

    Is it possible to add a local Maven repository for use in local builds? I currently use Nexus but I’d love to use a local nexus to serve up test data so that we can keep the same test data for all our projects.
    I have done this in the past as follows:

    Created a directory [projectroot]/testData/
    Copied all of the test data into the newly created directory.

    I can then build the project and

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  10. tencazz dit :

    Hotkeys is a powerful software for Windows that makes it possible to edit your tasks with keyboard shortcuts. In other words, it allows you to execute specific operations on your computer with a single click.
    The program is compatible with almost any task you’ve ever created. Of course, the more common functions are supported by default (opening a URL in your web browser, launching an application, starting a new command prompt, and so on). But if you find a specific program you need installed on your

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  11. aleibr dit :

    Aside from providing the right programming language for your needs, the app can help you find bugs as well – it knows your code better than you, so you don’t have to.
    What is more, thanks to its own in-built version control system, you don’t have to do that manually, but can just let IntelliJ take it from here and keep a record of your developments.
    Linux support
    The fact that IntelliJ IDEA offers efficient cross-platform editing makes

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  12. delwbaen dit :

    I designed it “cube” like of course you can fill in with cubes!you can route these no-z axis controls to the freq. synth controls,tone,etc.

    and also a couple of other features for me,1.An oscillator with 16 main freq. voltages with variable Vos can be route to _main harmonics with 4,8,12,16th. freq. There is a’mode’ switch to control from triangle to square

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  13. havgerr dit :

    What is the worst problem of hardware audio card? It has no volume control. I have Creative 7.1 sound card but I don’t have volume control for the player device. I got the sound card from business so I have no instruction and no where to ask. So don’t have any advice for me.

    When my camera was accidentally bumped and a power supply provided to the camera snapped out from the battery compartment, the battery did not have enough charge to function at all.

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  14. eireros dit :

    It is, therefore, compatible only with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    Since you have already found a Neoconvert DVD To Nokia N96 review, you might be interested in checking out our other software reviews where we offer detailed information and different software reviews.

    Best of all! It is also available for your iPhone and iPod touch for only $3.99.

    Since you have already found a good app and would like to share it with others, we recommend the following app

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  15. quindari dit :

    Nevertheless, it’s a simple and useful tool which allows you to capture the active desktop at different levels, including the window of a selected application; it also allows you to snap shots of specific areas of your screen with the wide range of settings that Yahoo! Screen Shooter offers. It’s a widget for your use.


    Parsing the source code

    The design source code is a separate ZIP archive, while some parts of the widget engine source code are found in the 05e1106874 quindari

  16. falepetr dit :

    Therefore LAVA Config is only suited for use under DOS. Run using the following command prompt:


    cd dir=cdc

    cd dir=cdc
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  17. janirach dit :

    Bug fix.
    ClipTorrent could not be started with the path nul in the program directory (or with the help of the RunAsExecutie function)
    Bug fix.
    Undo may not cause an error message if the first clip in the list was deleted prior to adding other clips to the list.
    Bug fix.
    Multiple spacing (,.) is now accepted in the filename. Opening the ClipPasteList dialog will no longer cause the empty clipboard 8cee70152a janirach

  18. marrphy dit :

    It is an application that does not need a complex installation, but is able to resolve difficulties with setting up protected environment.

    Kick-Ass Game

    Kick-Ass Game is a software tool developed by Micro Evolution. The most used version is, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. It holds the market position of being the highest-rated name, by far. The Antivirus program by Micro Evolution is the most-scanned
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  19. flanjann dit :

    HT Images Converter is a worthwhile application for any photographers and those who capture images in multiple formats.Q:

    awk two columns; compare next column to look for 7 possible combinations; if any of those combination exist

    I have a data frame with two columns, one of which is a list of 200 gene names, one of which lists a series of 41 numbers.
    I would like to compare each number to the gene list, and then run a conditional statement. If
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  20. aldinno dit :

    ![Post Focus](

    MasterVerb is a true multi-verb (5 room + 1 density). It has its own built-in room and decay timbre-banks to give you a total of 3 layers (room + decay) and 2 BussF
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  21. janmaol dit :

    self.loss += re_val_loss_real
    b_loss += re_val_loss_cur

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  22. bergiu dit :

    The app is compatible with all systems and lets you connect to your work environment in order to manage your business. It can be used as a license manager for third-party software, handle various types of payments, serve as a great companion for many types of organizations and classes.
    In addition, it can scan documents, read documents, change fonts, use keyboard shortcuts, highlight the text, support various image formats, generate random lists, allow you to select between plain text or HTML, do math
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  23. jalbai dit :


    how would I convert an [ObjectID] to String[ObjectID] using Streams in MongoDb from c#

    how would I convert an [ObjectID] to String[ObjectID] using Streams in MongoDb from c#?
    more precisely, this is what I have so far:
    string[] arr = new string[12];
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  24. isidcran dit :


    System software

    Other similar software

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10





    Software in use

    File types supported

    Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10




    Image files, and compressed or uncompressed TIFF images from a number of third-party photo editing applications are supported
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  25. crysfin dit :

    This tool is especially helpful when your Access Series device has factory programming issues or the device is accidentally bricked.
    By restoring the device to the factory firmware settings, you can regain the ability to use the device as it once was.
    Normally, you will need a supervisor that has the Network Gateway Manager Software installed in order to run this utility, however, in the case that you do not have permission to run this utility, you will be able to download and unzip the tool separately.
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  26. bamdeb dit :

    OST tiff is cross database and interoperable standard file format. Ost file is saved, modified and opened easily in different applications, such as messenger, contact, and email, etc.
    OST tiff can be shared and send via any product such as tiff message, tiff zip, etc. Ost file can be viewed and opened in various office applications – Open Office, MS Word, and MS Excel – and some web products, like ebay, lycos, freetalk
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  27. caryham dit :

    The form of image output is flexible. It can be exported from Lightscape as a full resolution image, no compression applied. You can select the option to save as most commonly used formats such as.png,.tga,.jpg and.psd. Make sure you use one of the above formats, use a lossless format such as eps or that is not a PSD so as not to lose any bit values.

    The form of image output also provides you
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  28. chermar dit :

    Course Hero is an online learning platform that makes it possible to access the best teaching materials anywhere, anytime. Our mission is to change the future of learning and education through a new model that lets anyone easily study from the world’s best education providers. Our huge library of educational videos serves millions of viewers every month. We’re excited to be the premiere streaming video service for professionals, big or small, in any industry.Safesthygge: The taming of thrift
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  29. heidor dit :

    One issue is that the specific application that the user uses determines what type of keylogger they use. Relying on a universal detection mechanism will end up being ineffective at stopping the various software application loaders.
    The first architecture of SharePoint AKL that was released is basic detection and management, using only the detection mechanism. Over time, as the servers/portal count of this service increases, needed to be optimized and that is where the real strength of the third generation SP Anti-Ke
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  30. chahary dit :

    DriveIconChanger can change the icons of both disks and partitions, in any type of Windows operating system (NTFS and FAT).


    … and now for today’s topic…

    I was asked to illustrate how DriveIconChanger works and I will explain how it will help you in the future (in case you want to choose one of my icons to be the default icon of your hard drive).
    If you click on the link, you’ll
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  31. hasyxyl dit :


    DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine),


    IDMS images,

    ILO (International Labour Organization),

    International Normalized Ratio (INR),

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  32. geroquee dit :

    Oh Lordy…
    Backup backup… and back up those backups! Just because you want to be sure to have your songs backed up doesn’t mean anyone else really does. But you might as well learn how to back them up so they won’t be gone forever. Heck, you might be able to restore them if you don’t have a backup yet.
    No doubt what you do back them up to is dependant on a few things. But the most important aspect of any
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  33. meljan dit :

    Just remember that this.exe file is compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.


    Ubuntu Linux Windows 7 Theme

    A collection of ten wallpapers inspired by Ubuntu Linux system.

    The themes are packed in a folder. Install it manually or extract the Archive.exe file and choose the folder that you want to install it to.

    A background theme package for users who are not familiar with installing other themes.

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  34. daequy dit :

    Some of the unique features of Skrumble
    While it is easy to say that Skrumble is the future of team collaboration apps, there are a few features and functionalities that could, perhaps, present a challenge for some.
    To begin with, as mentioned earlier, before you can access the people, chats and rooms sections and start collaborating with any of your team members, you have to first login to the application.
    So, what’s not to like about that? Well,
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  35. bromarc dit :

    In addition, it supports Excel macros to enrich its functionalities.

    Final Edition

    Publish what you did so that you never lose the memory, no longer need to start over. Here are some more things we will be adding in future editions:

    Clear Directions (see Calendar)

    Create memo to Customer#

    Data Alerts (data changed in Database, alert to other users)

    Equipment Status (Equipment list, status)

    Wireless Set
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  36. deitherl dit :

    If you are looking for a theme that will create a comfy feel to your otherwise boring desktop or laptop, then 3D Sphere Windows 7 Theme is just the thing for you. 
    These spherical backgrounds follow a minimalistic theme. You can add and change the various background to fit your needs and requirements. All the background images look more beautiful due to high resolution.
    3D Sphere Windows 7 Theme offers…

    3D Piano Windows 7 Theme is a collection of high resout
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  37. vassahr dit :

    Overall, this productivity tool offers good performance and will let you keep up with your colleagues even if you are not tech-savvy.

    Key features:

    a calculator

    a word processor

    a web browser

    a converter

    The product is 6 years old, thus it can be considered obsolete. In the following table you’ll find the most recent versions of this software:



    PCWorld Review: Office Tools (MS
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  38. daseell dit :

    Sketching is a nice change of pace from photographing objects so using this sketching software is a great way to spend time and explore artistic creativity.

    Zune – néniu malèuùnek facen a Zune óta.

    It is a very easy-to-use application which simply allows you to convert audio files in a variety of formats to different video formats with minimal time. And the final result is excellent.
    You can easily convert
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  39. deutcoly dit :

    The installation is very simple, just install the application and you’re all set to go! Best of all, it’s free and never expires.

    If you are interested, follow this link:

    ChangJim, “I killed them all”. You cut your code 8 bit short, they all had pronunciation that can not translate to any character, that is why
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  40. bellaur dit :

    Simple, safe and efficient. All the features you’ll ever need in a file manager.Q:

    If $P$ is prime, then for all integer $r>1$, $P^{r}$ is square-free

    I have a homework problem that asks me, in part, to prove the following:
    If $P$ is prime, then for all integer $r>1$, $P^{r}$ is square-free.
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  41. lincar dit :

    and you can write your own.(with simple manual and examples)
    Then you can launch any application by pressing a shortcut key(this are not the arrow keys), so it calls the radial menu, you pick an item and the command will be executed.
    radialM is configuration dialog compatible if your computer hardware depend on some addional windows management features like:
    radialM has the ability to run your mouse to change the color of the application on base of the theme color or day of
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  42. schmvan dit :

    Available both as PHP extension and also as a command-line utility.


    Any number can be resolved into its prime factors using PrimeNumbers.
    Composites fall apart into even numbers and odd numbers (primes) much like fractions do:

    2/4 (2 x 1/2)
    3/9 (2 x 1/3)

    In order to try to factor the number into prime factor groups, PrimeNumbers iterates through
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  43. rebnord dit :

    Moreover, the fact that it does not require any configuration makes it easy to use and handles all the tasks needed very well. NSST – SoundCloud Downloader is currently available on Emu Val Systems’ web site for USD 5.

    PSP Emulator

    Game Studio Suite – RS1 Network Multi Player is a versatile software bundle for the original Playstation console. It provides you with a wide variety of game applications for the PlayStation console.
    Each of the tools is very easy to use
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  44. chaphi dit :

    MB RAM recommended
    Budget Forecaster for Windows includes the following applications:
    ■ Windows 2K/ XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
    ■ Windows Embedded
    Are you ready to apply personal funds to your home budget, would you like to track your full personal or business accounts? Then I highly recommend you try the most popular budgeting and money management software “Budget Forecaster”. I personally used this application for years.
    Budget Forecaster is more
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  45. karscha dit :


    Deselect Indexed Form Field on Enter Key

    I use a FormControl input for an index and so everytime I hit the enter key or type, the value of the FormControl reflects changes. I can use e.preventDefault() to prevent changes in the format however I would like to use a selectBox to deselect it before the input changes on Enter.
    One simple solution I have up to date is to use FormArray to encapsulate all
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  46. honodama dit :

    To date, there have been no reported cases of the application or its creators getting lawsuit threats. So, it is unlikely that the team will yield to such demands.
    However, there are multiple reports about people who have been successfully sued by the application’s creators.
    In September 2010, a statement appeared on Blu-ray Video Grabber’s website warning its would-be users that videos scanned by the program would be stolen. But, the creator of the application, Aleksi
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  47. redmtai dit :


    Category:Application server software
    Category:Web server software
    Category:Java enterprise platform
    Category:Cross-platform software
    Category:Free website management softwareQ:

    AJAX loaded content with two dates

    I have a problem in my script. When I have a comment, I load with AJAX the comment body, the date and a button to delete it, with the body, the comment and the ajax is loaded correctly.
    When I
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  48. emabeli dit :

    Lastly, you can add custom.exes to the software to extend its functionality.

    Step into the dark side of the Force

    Power is an important aspect of life, especially on a starship where energy can easily be diverted to bad ends. A Corellian Corvette might not be able to rise to the occasion under the weight of a Federation fleet, so Mark Two needs all the help he can get.
    That’s why you need the Dark Forces Kit for your old
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    EASEUS Partition Master Download:

    *This is video review for Below i am sharing best video of EASEUS Partition Master Professional 10 with manual and link download (If have any problem please visit at this video link
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  50. gianwet dit :

    The Google Bar component is incredibly useful, and could actually be a power user tool if it was properly configured.
    4. NFShow
    NFShow is a productivity app designed for easily processing recorded interviews. It completely blows away Winamp as a means to listen to podcast episodes, and consists of multiple useful options.
    Not to be confused with WinAMP, or Radio Stations apps, NFShow or NFShow is essentially an analog to Winamp. With the exception of WinAMP proper
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