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09 Jan 2015

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  2. shalchri dit :

    7 32bit/64bit.
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  3. jamewei dit :

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  5. patriter dit :

    Cross Lake Township, Red Lake County, Minnesota

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  6. frassala dit :


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  7. jainweth dit :

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  8. talval dit :

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  11. sansburm dit :

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  13. lazben dit :

    What do you think about the extension? Would you like to use the configuration options available to customize the icon? Do you like the way it organizes your Chrome shortcuts? Let us know your thoughts below, giving us and other readers of the blog the chance to have a chat as well.

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  14. nataphil dit :

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  15. idawach dit :

    Unity project management

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  16. davmalv dit :

    · 100Mb bandwidth internet connection for downloading the application files
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  17. florimog dit :

    ■ will fail to launch if anti virus is disabled
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  19. rahmmeri dit :

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  20. redmgled dit :

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  21. padutand dit :

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  23. alechin dit :

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  24. amblmar dit :

    This is probably the fastest contribution to KDE Community… with this video I managed to show you all I did during openSUSE Tumbleweed Leap 17, that mainly had different languages to improve! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  26. givmalc dit :

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  27. kharbur dit :

    Licensing for Java

    License4j is licensed under the Academic Free License (AFL) or the GNU Public License (GPL).
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  28. rebger dit :

    You can define up to 9 events to be monitored, a timer, and set of specific criteria, to be applied to the captured events. A grouped result can be limited by the selected threshold. The software can alert you via email whenever any event is triggered or set to monitor.


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  30. hamlparl dit :

    Especially those who are not tech-savvy will find it easy to use.

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  31. ulrykarr dit :

    PYBIND11_CPP14 is open source and freely available to everyone, it is easy to use and it is readily extendable via plug-ins.
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    1.9.05 or above
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    GLib storage schema

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