09 Jan 2015

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  1. karrlat dit :

    Because it does not need any installation process, it means you can simply download it and get started installing. However, if you do not have the Intel USB drivers installed, the application will have to notify you. You can install it at the same time with the Intel USB drivers.
    If you live in an area where there are multiple carriers and would love to utilize the latest high end smartphone or tablet, then this could be an interesting option for you. The application can be downloaded from the developer’s

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  2. makgios dit :

    You might load it up in just a matter of minutes but you will surely never need to break it, and you will know everything you need to know. Don’t forget to take note that it is priced at just $30 with a continuous upgrade subscription running you for $0.50 per month, per supported location.
    Easy Trucking Software is an interactive application made all possible using the mobility framework.
    The framework in itself is vital for any application. Initially designed to bring touch screens

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  3. balkokii dit :

    Description: Seconfig provides a simple and straightforward method for configuring a Windows Operating System without interfering with its default settings.
    Seconfig XP is a Windows config program that provides a few options concerning the Windows Operating System configuration. For example, you can stop the OS from using the Transport Protocol “NetBIOS” over TCP/IP, SMB and RPC (only if opened over TCP/IP). You can configure the TCP/IP, Firewall settings and Remote Registry (>

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  4. dancha dit :

    While it is extremely lightweight, a hotkey help is nowhere to be found. Finally, the lack of any communication after updates also means it won’t receive any attention.



    About us

    Sectorial portal for news, reviews, opinions and varous information about global mobile segment. We are using cookies and other similar technologies to improve our website and you can find more info in our cookie

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  5. brenfear dit :

    It is released as free and open-source software (FOSS), with no ads and a clean design that makes it easy to use.

    Compile from source

    SNM is distributed as free open source software (FOSS), meaning you can compile the package from source by downloading the source package.

    The Adherent GNU license

    The source package is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The source code is released to the public under the GPL.

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  6. eilehed dit :

    Like it? Share with your friends!

    If you got an error while installing Theme, Software or Game, please, read FAQ.

    Other Windows Software of Developer «Kriptonian»:

    Today i have here something very special for you all.
    My first guest in ShareMeTa.
    What? Guest?is he new on this site or I missed something?
    Don’t worry…
    He is a hero in his own world and will teach us so

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  7. peatsash dit :

    This little utility supports all the main Windows versions ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8.

    Welcome to the next page of our Antivirus for Windows review. Today we will go through a few options from AntiGlare and FileInfect. We will take a closer look at some of their most important features, including virus removal, speed and UI/UX.

    If your antivirus program doesn’t automatically update itself, sign up for MSP.



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  8. drukala dit :

    What is uSbuntu Live Creator:
    Sora1Net is an all-in-one application. It has a fast build system, full of features and needs very few resources to run. Since the beginning, it offers many versions on different operating systems, easy to create and install, without breaking configurations of each OS.
    To be more precise, uSbuntu Live Creator is a very easy to use application that allows you to create a bootable USB stick with multiple

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  9. nerfide dit :

    Note, that you can select more than one file at once using Shift-Multiple-Select menu, and all it will be, that translation will be updated.
    After translation file will be saved in default folder for translating files, if you want to save a file inside specific folder you can do with simple right click menu > Save In..
    For detailed info about features please see :
    Hot Apps Posted in Google-Apps-For-Desktop:
    4 / user ratings
    Translate file

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  10. shorkirs dit :

    Due to a good quality, our program is able to process scanned file formats much faster than normal.

    How to use the PSCopier?

    What is contained in PSCopier?


    Our main feature: Just-Sync that allows you to copy a file from your scanner to your computer.
    With Just-Sync, you can copy documents which are stored on your scanner or copied from your computer to your scanner. You can copy by hand

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  11. emriedre dit :

    3. VirualBox Desktop 2.08

    VirtualBox is one of the most popular virtualization solutions available in the market now. Everyone who is using this software understands its usage and power. It is a virtualization which not only provides you the ability to run an OS inside a virtual machine, but it also lets you run different types of software in it as well. And it is perfect for the purpose you need it for. But to be able to use VirtualBox for the

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  12. maeggarn dit :

    1Computers are checked in a highly strict environment with minimal human interaction. They are kept in a separate room to allow them to remain dust free. Due to the 24 hour nature of this environment, minor changes like dust, etc. may have changed from one moment to another.
    2In rare cases, 1,000+ should appear in computer name but if it does so and your Mac has been successfully connected to with no complaints. Mac should work smoothly after that.

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  13. bickdagm dit :

    Rye has the knack of defining perfect vacation destinations and their importance may not be downplayed. Read on about the cities and the travel destinations in India which are waiting to be discovered!
    Traveling to cities in India or exploring the hidden gems of a region is just a click away. These cities are many for the tourists but we had a go to check out the must-visit cities in India. These not only offer gorgeous sights but are also touristy tourist destinations offering tons of

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  14. israglen dit :

     After exporting your works, you need to upgrade them before you can access and listen to them. To make this process easier, under Window´s Control Panel, go to: C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\Specitools Online

    Once you created your account and paid the upgrading fee, Mxp4Creator will unlock the export feature. That will allow you to share your music file with your friends & colleagues.

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  15. gergit dit :

    There are 8 ctrls, being easily assignable via “SysRealize Mode” and providing extensive customization possibilities. And there are 2 interface levels (tape and hardware) and 4 DAWs that all plug in already by default and can be selected via the configuration dialogue for the Front panel – thanks to a simple and thoroughly tested workflow (MAC(OS) X, WINDOWS, ARDOUR, FL STUDIO).
    The Tiger is a robust system and the quality of the

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  16. chefau dit :

    The parameter is always applied after any easing function has been applied to it.

    Easing Generator offers easing functions listed in the following table:


    Short form









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  17. farrcurv dit :

    BootCamp is the standard edition of Microsoft Windows so that you can recover a computer from accidental deletion of Windows installation or installation of an incompatible operating system.
    Booters are programs that copy the Windows installation from one partition to another without overwriting the original Windows partition.
    Backing up data is a smart move, as it is the main way to save a file in case of system corruption or loss. Who doesn’t want their files to be lost? That’s why

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  18. ululyn dit :

    In-app purchases enable you to easily expand the contents of DDownloads with further tools, either for free or for a small fee (depending on the tool), whenever you need them. As of April 2014, DDownloads is still in Beta, meaning that future updates might bring new features and improvements.
    Getting started is not a difficult task, all you need is an Internet connection, and your account information will be sent to you with a message that can be accepted, ignored or closed

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  19. gasber dit :

    Naturally, there is TMyQuery class to track what queries being stored into the target MySQL database.
    Moreover, TMyTable class allow you to easily retrieve dataset’s structure and contents.
    As for the TMyStoreProc component, it provides an easy, straightforward and reliable means to list, export and modify existing table’s contents and distribute data over JDBC. All these components are very powerful tools to achieve any MySQL SQL-based tasks such as database monitoring, granting and altering on 05e1106874 gasber

  20. melbena dit :

    Moreover, user can choose from two types of conversion methods, and the conversion process does not require any additional utilities. However, bear in mind that the program is not just limited to a dynamic disk conversion, as it can also be used for dynamic disk cloning.
    Thus, if you are willing to reverse the current setup and change your dynamic disk to a basic one with the help of this utility, we suggest that you try this program instead of other solution.

    eFolkSoft Media Converter is a multifunctional application that can use a wide range of files, compress them and convert them to different video formats. 8cee70152a melbena

  21. sbotop dit :

    Hi there, just wanted to mention, I loved this article.
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  22. نصب سیستم عامل لینوکس در کنار ویندوز از دغدغه هایی
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    نظر جهت نصب لینوکس خودداری میکند؛ به همین منظور، در
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  23. lincelis dit :

    Read the full review at Techwarez: RawDump, a simple application to backup your GameCube/Wii content

    RawDump users can now grab the latest screen capture application, Screenshots, and it’s free for all users. Screenshot is a free application perfect for capturing screenshots and saving them in a variety of formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, and ICO. The website also has a How-
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  24. acasha dit :

    We could not identify any accuracy problems with the timestamps we tested.
    Since it does not need an installation, the program is a perfect choice for those operating in the command-line environment who want to seamlessly handle multiple files at the same time.
    FileTouch is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

    Ease of use

    Not available in my language:

    Help is written in French. The use of a desktop virtualization tool like VMware or VMWare is
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  25. phyjana dit :

    The makers of Ad-Hoc Network Creator have stated that their software was designed specifically for Windows 8/8.1 machines. Moreover, they have also stated that they will not be releasing a previous version of their application for those clients that use Windows 7.
    Ad-Hoc Network Creator is a relatively free piece of software, with the majority of its features being free of charge. Once downloaded, you can install this program onto your Windows 8/8.1 machine and have it
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  26. maldflo dit :


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    Thank you for subscribing!

    We are trying to optimize our website for you and provide you with the best available information!

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  27. marjud dit :

    Email Link Encoder

    Mail link encoder


    Email Link Encoder is a handy tool that can be used to safeguard your online privacy when sending emails through insecure networks, such as public hotposts. Email Link Encoder is an application you can use to encrypt messages and protect your online privacy when sending emails through insecure networks, such as public hotposts. This way, you can prevent Internet spiders from identifying your personal data.Portable tool with a simple
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  28. checasp dit :

    No commercial use is allowed.

    All the audio files listed here are digitally stored in.wav format. I have organized them into categories. If you need to listen to a particular recording repeat this process. If you need to download any files only search by the name of the recording.

    A and B develop, display, and control an unsigned 16 bit bar graph of
    the analogue data to compare filter time integrals (time of lower
    level (filtered waveform) – time
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  29. biblfili dit :

    1.5 or higher / JDK 1.5 at least
    ■ Netscape 6 or Mozilla 3.0 or higher
    ■ Java for Windows or Mac OS X development toolkit
    ■ “Miaow” couldn’t be the executable name
    Source Code:
    binary or source code available at:

    About me:
    I am a free software addict and contribute
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  30. cailau dit :

    Table object: name – path – name

    Goto Table|Save
    Save as AutoCAD table


    Excel provides a native tool for this, a “save as”. I’ve never used it though, you might see if you can use that.
    If not, you could use IExceAddress, a simple COM object to do it.

    High-dose intravenous immunoglobulin treatment in a patient with alcoholic liver disease.
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  31. xylfest dit :

    It’s quite small, convenient, and portable, and you can install it in less than 30 MB of free storage space. A snappier version is recommended for repeat scans.
    Partner Links
    ★ TA-NA: Mass Search and Replace Tool | FREE
    ★ GAMETOR AY: Mass Search and Replace Tool | FREE (30 MB)
    ★ NZB CUTTER: Mass Search and Replace Tool | $0.05

    Use ProxPomodoro
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  32. pracdae dit :

    What are you waiting for? Download the app and create your own localization adventure.

    3 years ago

    You’ve all heard of the code committers – they are people whose main job is to commit code to source repositories. They commit frequently, almost every day. But, beyond that, they commit from a big pile of archives that contain hundreds of thousands of commits. To make matters worse, the committers need to decide what to commit in the first place.
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  33. reeogra dit :

    Comtun Pro features a separate ‘Client Connections’ section, which displays a list of all the connections included with the software, enabling you to set the proxy address and Port, as well as the timeout parameter, which allows Comtun to set how long to wait for a response.
    During the execution of the software, the following new methods will be added to a number of commands, two being reserved for a log file. The ‘Server’ command enables you to run
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  34. corale dit :

    IMPORTANT: There could be a possibility that some files/folders or registry entries having incomplete HEX values are left on your system. To prevent this, restart the system first and then try to run the tool.
    Possible Opaserv variants detected by F-Opasrv include
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  35. latoprom dit :

    YouTube video expansion is a technology that enables you to expand the viewing area of a YouTube video automatically. You can see the preview of the expanded area displayed alongside the video itself, so your thoughts will never be distracted.
    Convenient expansion of the area you watch YouTube videos
    Before YouTube video expansion was available, you had to stretch your web browser or scroll down on the page if you wanted to view the player. But the technology, which has just been launched, let you seamlessly view the
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  36. chucokii dit :

    Almost a year after its debut, former Samsung OEM Easy Driver Pro continues to grow in popularity—with a new interface and new price tag.

    We may earn a commission for purchases made using our links.

    Why am I typing this?

    When it comes to Android drivers, most users rely on OEM-provided software for their daily driver experience. When problems arise, drivers are one of the most common things users usually blame for poor performance. The good news is that as
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  37. hearharr dit :

    For example, it is possible to open an SSH connection to a remote system directly from PuTTY Tray and no need to use a specific launcher. This saves time and is still pretty convenient since it allows to configure connection settings.
    PuTTY Tray also sports its own terminal emulator, which behaves in ways similar to other terminal emulators such as urxvt or gnome-terminal. The connection can be saved to the file system so that it may be modified via file manager
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  38. magvann dit :

    The Freaks Folder

    By day I perform the 8-5, deciding what’s worth spending money on and what’s worth letting “pay later” pile up. By night I keep the pay offs, focusing on short stories and screenplays. I have been writing for over 10 years and published by the fine folks at Triboro Magazine and highlighted by The Examiner ( and The Writer’s Coffee Shop (
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  39. berenie dit :

    They can also entertain their friends and play online games on the web, without investing more money than it takes to just use the software from the first place.

    Features: Game Support, MIDI Support Fullscreen or Window Mode, Image Support
    Configure the reverb level on a MIDI sample how it should be registered as a reverb (according to the native DSP of the driver). Change the CINF file to be used for sample playback

    Features: Game Support, MIDI Support
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  40. desura dit :

    The installation program is created with a wizard, that takes you step by step through the phases of its operation.
    First of all, it takes care of the actual installation and uninstallation of the program, as well as the configuration of registry entries. All critical changes are made in the System menu when making an update, so all the system’s settings do not get affected.
    Moreover, the new/updated version of the application overwrites the old one existing on your PC and replaces the old
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  41. mayrsaf dit :

    The application has been designed to meet all the needs of CAD planners and architects working on complex projects.

    [ -*-draft-it-architectural-full-feature-review – ] The Features List
    [ As shown on the DraftIT home page ]

    Draft IT ARCHITECTURAL is a professional CAD application (more than 74)
    All the latest 3D changes on DraftIT, 3DBOY or iDraw (originally 16 different CAD features
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  42. marasab dit :

    In modern times, modern technology is taking care of almost everyone’s work. It saves you time, nerves and makes your job easier in most cases. MSPyTube video converter is yet another one which does everything for you. With this app, you just need to use a video and select your output format as output. If you haven’t used MSPyTube before, then let’s go through the review of this best video converter.
    Basic functions
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  43. philsad dit :


    The Canon Pixma MP 360 Printer has a built-in jpg.
    CTP310Printer v 1.2 download:

    This is a user-friendly Adobe Reader/Priva TX Scanner which has a very nice UI and has a lot of great features like:

    high resolution scans
    printing multiple copies of the same image
    auto recognize a lot of standard
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  44. noelcai dit :

    A similar startpage is included to search for self-decrypting ransomware.
    If you managed to decrypt your files using the Bitdefender BTCWare Decryptor, then you can consider yourself to be the lucky ones. Not all of the software on the market can help its victims in the same manner, and the Bitdefender BTCWare Decryptor is the best of them all. While its price tag is high at $59.95, the tool is one of the best solutions to battle this infection. The application is easy to use and can recover from larger pool of corrupted files with no problems. Lastly, it is
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  45. bernjaqw dit :

    Each sample project is enclosed in a folder named for the development platform it is written for. The pj14sdk_beta sample project is created in the development environment that corresponds to the runtime platform listed in the setup file.
    The pj14sdk_beta.exe download will install the extension when it is run.
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  47. randlil dit :

    It is important that you pay attention to the accuracy of the time it records. To achieve this, the application waits for the start of each process before it starts the process itself. If the process has expired, then the application will start the process again and collect the entire information about this process instead.
    So, the only thing you need to do is to carry out the following steps:

    First of all, in case that you work with several clients, then each of them must be
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  48. chrabr dit :

    Drinks and Cocktails Cheat Sheet


    Cocktails are alcoholic beverages with a mix of mixed ingredients. The most notable cocktail is the traditional martini. Cocktails are usually elaborated with a touch of rye or whiskey, a bit of bitters, a dash of maraschino, and an ice brick with a dash of vermouth on the other side.

    Most of the time, you will include ingredients to the recipes all in one go from
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  49. jaeslat dit :

    zebLotus is an appointment scheduling software, which enables users to perform a host of basic functions. It supports one-time, multiple as well as recurring appointments. Users can customize the appointment reminders and views, utilize advanced filters in order to look for specific appointments. They can also carry out different activities, such as editable notes as well as mail checking.
    Customize your appointment reminders
    zebLotus is very fast and user-friendly. You can set up pop up reminders which
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  50. darvan dit :


    …analyse and discuss the ‘informational content’ in three of these newspapers. First look for evidence of the classical model of news from the newspaper, then go through the paper, and then analyse the news at a sentence level.
    Looking for the classical model of news in a newspaper
    News-paper is not like other sorts of media so the news model that made newspapers a commercial success is not
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  51. terame dit :

    Web Archives for Firefox is a free, open source browser extension for Firefox that adds a handy feature that is not included in other browsers’ XPI files.
    Web Archives for Firefox is a feature addition to Firefox that makes it possible to easily search for older and archived versions of a specific web page.
    Web Archives for Firefox lets you launch a popup window with a list of up to eight saved versions of the same page or a web page link you have in an active tab.
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  52. nartaki dit :

    It automatically extracts useful information about the SIP log files and provides the call-flow view and the below
    summarized call-flow details.
    The automatic call-flow extraction process is fully performed using Sip-Vlc.c Sip-semillasizer SIP-stats and Sip-mon.c
    SIP Viewer is the companion application for sipview-vc
    SipViewer supports SIP calls from the following systems:
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  53. manjaem dit :

    This application will surely come in handy to anyone looking for a shortcut, but one that’s as simple as possible, and in a form of a feedback system that will inform every other function in the computer what’s what.
    Binding and Intro
    When PC Setup MPT Control Panel is opening, you will notice that it takes up almost the entire screen area. This is because it relies on a common and very simple binding system, the only real and noticeable difference with other programs in its line.
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  54. dergon dit :

    We call it a program that can indeed give novice users a hand.
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