Le désert Algérie

17 Fév 2015

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  17. Also I finally met Shoya! Thank you!!! He is a new man, really!!! I love to see a change in people after they’ve studied overseas for a long time. He has confidence, makes eye contact when he speaks and his English is good! Thank you, thank you, again and again.
    RELA is an excellent language academy. The teachers here are excellent too. They know how to make the class active and happy. From talking with the teachers, you could learn a lot of English culture. It helps you to improve the language. RELA, thank you for giving me a wonderful time.

  18. I couldn’t say thank you to everyone for some reason. So I’d like say it here… Thank you soooo much for everything, all teachers, all staff and all students. I had a really cool school life at RELA. I improved my English a lot at RELA, but also RELA taught me a lot of things about life as well and made me stronger 🙂 My school life was really unforgettable and I’ll never forget all the people that I’ve met at RELA. Love you guys xxx
    It has been the greatest experience in my life to study here. Thanks for all you did for me (special classes, supporting me…). I’m going to recommend RELA to any person who wants to learn English and I hope I’ll see you again in the future.
    ”RELA is the most amazing place I know. Thank you Chris to take care of all of us. Thank you all the office. Thank you my lovely teachers. I think the only negative point in this school is how it makes me sad to leave it.”

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